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Secreto Beef Steak 200 Grams


Secreto steak is not a common steak that you find on a menu. This steak is more or less inside skirt steak that has been heavily marbled . Perfect beef for a quick sear over fire and doused in chimichurri.

Its only a small steak and we only have about 12 oz on a body, we tried it once at the shop and we were honestly amazed, 2 weeks last I tried it again, it must have been a fluke, a one off, but no, it was amazing again.

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The Secreto: An aptly named sneaky cut, the secreto is really just the skirt steak of the cow. It lays over the belly, right next to the ribs, and is often removed for mince beef (so that the butchers can have lunch). It looks just like a beef skirt steak, only smaller — it’s generally only 4 to 6 ounces. Much like the skirt steak , the secreto benefits from being tenderized with a Jaccard knife and/or a marinade. Because it’s so small and so thin, it should be cooked as quickly as possible over high heat: I recommend 1 to 2 minutes per side on a ripping hot pan. Slice it across the grain and throw it over a salad, tuck it into fajitas or tacos, or just enjoy it on its own next to some grilled vegetables.


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