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Piri Piri Pork Loin Steak 5 Oz (140 Grams)


These is a tender loin steak coated with a piri piri crumb, ideal for frying or great on the BBQ.

These high welfare pigs have an excellent local pedigree, having been born in a shelter in a field on Romsey’s Broadlands estate and spending their whole time living a free range life and enjoying a wholesome diet of maize and barley grown on the farm. The pigs are bred from the Oxford Sandy and Black, crossbred with Pietrain stock.

The Pietrain is a new pig on the block, only being officially recognised as a Belgian breed in 1956. It’s a lean pig with big muscles; the Jean-Claude van Damme of the porcine world, if you will.

Conversely, the Oxford Sandy and Black is one of England’s oldest breeds at well over 200 years old, and was recovered from near-extinction only 20 years ago. They’re also known as the plum pudding pig as their black blotches are said to be reminiscent of the dark fruit in a plum pudding. They have a superb flavour and we’re proud to be supporting the continuation of this rare breed.

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