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Pies Pork,panchetta,chorizo Large


This is a pie for 3 ish folks, if you order this pie, it will come cooked, but we also sell them frozen, where the pastry is uncooked but the meat inside is cooked, let us know if you prefer this one.

Cooking the frozen ones, thaw in the fridge for 24-48 hours, preheat oven to 210c add pie, then reduce to 180c for 25 mins if fully defrosted, when the pastry is brown, its cooked.

We buy in whole carcases, free range pigs and use the fore of the animal for the pies, cooking the meat for 10 hours over night and making the pies in the morning,.

We buy local native breeds mostly from the new forest, but if it good and not so local or not native we still buy it, but always English and always special.

In a dark gravy too.




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